The story of Velore

We are small family based company, which is dedicate to produce made-to-measure cycling apparel that fits perfectly into the figure of a cyclist. This idea originated in 2017, when we were looking for stylish cycling apparel which would perfectly fits our figure. We didn’t succeed to find such a product. Gradually, we began to learn how to make our first bib shorts according to our own concept. The sewing has become a hobby and has grown into desire to establish our own brand of cycling apparel. We strive to make quality products that guarantee and comfort aesthetic enjoyment of their wearing. The production takes place behind the doors of our workshop in Rimavska Sobota.

Our team



I graduated from secondary vocational school, branch of tailoring. After graduating, I started to deal with tailoring completely. I got my first experience in Ozeta, later I worked in MAD or Botex. At present, sewing is my hobby that I do in my leisure time and, of course, I contribute to the creation of Velore products by my work.


projection and manufacture of products

I’ve been cycling since my childhood, in a competitive form from 18 years of age. I am still racing at the amateur level and I am also the director of Teatro Okolo Malohontu cycling race. My job is to ensure a process from product projection, its development and testing, to production. I am still trying to improve quality of our products.


design and manufacture of products

Marek brought me to cycling. Time spent on a bicycle is a pleasant experience for me, especially when I let myself to be taken by the road and enjoy the surrounding beauty of nature. It charges me with positive energy. My job is to create design of products. I also take care about marketing and work with numbers.